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Upcoming Events

TSU Scholarship Opportunity

August 08, 2023  -  December 31, 2023   Time: TBA

Scholarship Opportunity Tennessee State University 

Message from Dr. Glenda Glover, President of Tennessee State University and her Community Affairs Laison, Mrs. Barbara Murrell.


TSU and Meharry Medical College now offer a 7-year Combined Undergraduate-MD or DDS Degree Program (similar to CUNY's Sophie Davis program).


The school has met its desired goal for the enrollment of high school females. However, there are no black males enrolled. If you know a black male high school seniors interested in earning an MD or DDS and have a score of 28 on the ACT and a 3.5 grade point average (GPA), please share this important information with them. There is an opportunity for these students to obtain a 'FREE EDUCATION' at Tennessee State University.Please have your eligible candidate send an email directly to: [email protected]